January 7, 2020

Wheel of Fortune

I’ve been asking Spirit what message it has for the world today, for us to manifest our highest good.

Message to the World
January 7th, 2020

I was on social media last night and was overwhelmed by the amount of fear, uncertainty, and anger flooding the news feeds. It disturbed my heart.

Today’s card is a reminder to all of us that life proceeds in cycles and that fortunes change. Things are going to look up. We must have faith.

The Wheel of Fortune might also be advising us to focus on life’s natural cycles, the deep cycles, the constant wheel of time that turns no matter what situational events are hitting our news feeds. These foundational cycles are what we all have in common: the tides, the moon cycles, the seasons, birth and death, and the growth in between, our quest for love and procreation, our devotion to our offspring, our search for Spirit and happiness. This profound, slow-moving journey that we all share on our individual souls’ paths.

The one constant is that life cycles, and what appears dire today will reveal pockets of joy tomorrow. We are together in our journey, even if our paths don’t look the same.

January 6, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking the Spirit, what message do you have for the world for us to manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
January 6th, 2020

Swords are the suit of air, communication, prejudice.

It is time to let go of our grudges, forgive, and heal.

Holding a grudge is akin to carrying a sharp sword through one’s heart. It mostly hurts the bearer. You are unable to love to your full capacity. Even getting close to another human, can pinch.

In the reversed position, gravity, combined with the weight of the sword handles, will allow easier removal. The swords represent old wounds and grudges that we are carrying, inflicted by people’s words and prejudices.

Spirit is telling us to identify and release these grudges so that we can heal and move forward with whole hearts.

In the reversed position, obscurity wells up around the bottom of the card, clouds that could represent the moisture of emotions hitting air, the debris from bombs, smoke from fires – our world right now is full of clouds, they surround us. Tears from the heavens are falling into emotional and physical destruction. Now is the time to let go of what is dividing us as individuals, so that we can love at our fullest capacity, and work together to heal.

The nitty-gritty: Today is a good day to take a moment for introspection and reflection. Find a quiet pocket in your schedule where you can breathe, center, and examine your heart. Lie down so that your heart is upside down, similar to the card, and you can envision the swords falling from it with ease. Do you have a pinching feeling in your chest? Any discomfort or sorrow? Anger? The first step is to identify what you are holding on to that is continuing to fester. Once you identify the ‘sword’, imagine it falling from your heart. Breathe love into the hole that is left from its absence, and visualize it closing. Maybe repeat an affirmation: “I release this sharp feeling. I mend my heart. My heart is healthy and whole.” Write about your feelings and experience.


January 5, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking the Spirit, what message do you have for the world for us to manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
January 5th, 2020


The Moon is the Major Arcana card of intuition, of hidden elements, of deception or self-deception, even.
The pool of water in the foreground represents our subconscious. A path leads into the distance. On either side of it, a wolf and a dog face each other. They represent the tamed versus the wild and instinctual aspects of ourselves. The path also runs between two towers. Some sources say that the towers represent good and evil. They look identical, however, and this symbolizes how difficult it is, sometimes to tell the difference between right and wrong.
A crawfish crawls from the pool, telling us that hidden information needs to be revealed.

This card might be telling us not to believe everything that we see and hear. When observing events that unfold around us, both globally and locally, we need to listen with our hearts and to focus the gaze of our intuition. This warns us not to trust our ears and eyes and hearsay alone.

On a personal level, this card might be warning us that we have currents in our subconscious that are influencing – exaggerating, pulling our perceptions off-kilter today, and to take a moment to calm ourselves and center before acting or speaking rashly.

January 4, 2020

Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Message to the World
January 4th, 2020


Pentacles are the suit of earth. In the reversed position, I see the single pentacle on the card representing our planet. The right hand of the spirit does not offer it out to us. Instead, the hand cups the globe in a protective, tender manner. The flourishing, green garden, path, and hedge reside at the top of the card, in our minds, not in reality.

Today, as wildfires rage in Australia, as extreme weather incidents increase, as cities around the world flood, it is no wonder that the message is to take better care of our earth, or the fruitful gardens will become no more than memories.

The nitty-gritty: what difference can an individual make to heal our planet?
Here is a list from nrdc.org:
It has tips that are as simple as using more efficient lightbulbs, eating the food that you buy (don’t throw it away), and wasting less water. We do have the ability to make a difference.

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January 3rd, 2020

Two of Cups Reversed

Message to the World
January 3rd, 2020


The Two of Cups can represent partnerships, unions, and choices. All three sourcing from a place of love, authenticity, and acceptance. There is a contrast between the two figures who are connecting with each other. This is a partnership between fire and spirit.

In the reversed position, this card is asking us to look inside ourselves and work today on melding our actions, our passions, our drive, with our higher calling. Create a loving partnership, a synergy between our personal energy and focus, and our spirituality.

As within, without. By energetically moving without friction, with a unified focus, towards our Higher calling, we assist the world in re-aligning towards a more spiritual rotation.

Nitty Gritty: How? The New Year is a great time to reflect, and we have a weekend ahead of us. Find a pocket in the day, or over the weekend, without distraction, and find a place where you can really think about what lights you up. Write it down, and then jot down several ways that you can incorporate more of it into your daily or weekly routines. Give yourself permission to invest your time and energy into those pursuits that nourish your soul. That’s a great start.

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January 2, 2020

Four of Swords

Message to the World
January 2nd, 2020


Today, tend the Third Chakra.

The Third Chakra, located at our Solar Plexus, is represented by the color yellow. It is the primary source of personal power, the’ self-power chakra”. This chakra transforms energy from our surroundings and converts it into the energy that we use to fuel our self-confidence, self-discipline, and the ability to manifest goals.

The Suit of Swords is the suit of air, representing communication, spirit, intellect, and prejudice. The Four of Swords depicts a figure lying on a sarcophagus. This physical dormancy symbolizes the shutting off of all physical distractions and needs so that they can focus entirely on spirit and communication. When your body is dead, your spirit soars. The hands of the figure rest over their Third Chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Three, completely stationary swords hang suspended above them. With completely still thoughts and dormant body, they submerge themselves into deep meditation, turning undivided attention towards fueling their inner power.

The window above them shows a child, kneeling in front of a mother figure, receiving love and acceptance.

Our message today is to take the time to look beyond our physical hunger, passions, energy, and wants. Quiet all outward sensory input, close our eyes, and reflect on what we believe about the world around us, and ourselves, and, most importantly, what our soul’s calling is. Define our goals today, and channel energy from the very air around us to reinforce the underlying structure of those goals. Receive energetic fuel into our Third Chakra to bolster our self-confidence and our self-discipline.

If, when looking inside ourselves, we find our inner child to be scared and malnourished, pour some of this energy into that child as well.

When we look with clarity and without distraction upon the path to our Highest good, when we recognize our soul’s journey, the energy to fuel our quest becomes abundant. It pours into us and buoys us. All we need to do is become receptive.

January 1, 2020

Five of Swords

Message to the World
January 1st, 2020

Swords are the suit of air, representing communication, intellect, action, and prejudice.

He gloats, gathering his winnings, but at what cost? His companions turn away from him, devastated.
His victory won him the argument but cost him companionship. He didn’t care that he damaged his relationships and the self-esteem of his allies. He proved he was right and forced them to acknowledge his victory.

This message is a warning, I think, that our global relationships are being eroded by individualism, pride, and the need to win, or be perceived as the winner, at all costs. The Suit of Swords represents communication, so these are most likely verbal wars, slander, insults, sharp and wounding words. The victor has the final say but loses friends and colleagues. He is so invested in his ego; he tears down the world around himself to inflate it.

To bring it down to the nitty-gritty, to what we, as individuals, can do:

Be mindful, today, of what you say. Work on building up the strength and self-esteem of your companions. Pause before speaking words that might be hurtful to prove your point. It is our friends and companions that sustain us in our soul’s journey, not verbal victories, especially if our win erodes our human relationships.

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December 31, 2019

Knight of Cups

Message to the World
December 31st, 2019

As I ask Spirit what message it has for the world today for us to manifest our highest good, I pulled the Knight of Cups – the third time in seven days that Spirit guided me to choose this card.

Cups are the suit of water. They represent emotions, empathy, creativity, and spirituality. A Knight’s role is to promote and protect his liege’s kingdom, sometimes, to help expand it.

In the Knight of Cups, the river flows smoothly, and the air and land are without moisture. The cup that this Knight carries is full of calm, peaceful emotions, of love and compassion. The card contains no turbulence. He rides with intention into a landscape that is all earth with little moisture. The few trees that do grow stand apart from each other.

Earth represents the physical world. As the decade ends, we find ourselves in a social landscape where people value the material above the emotional. Individualism and independence are prized, and we stand apart from each other. Our world is parched for water, for Spirit, for compassion, for selflessness.

Today’s message is to manifest the Knight of Cups, and if we bring nothing else into the new year, we should bring our love, our hope, our spirituality, and our connectivity with each other. We are called to promote these values into the next decade.

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December 30, 2019

Message to the World
December 30, 2019


The Empress is the third Major Arcana card and can represent abundance, nurturing, fertility, creation, femininity, and love. The reversed position can speak to a blockage of energy, to a need to replenish.

Looking at the global view:

As within, without. How can we nurture the world around us if we, ourselves, are depleted of spirituality and compassion or feel worthless? How can we give birth to creative solutions if our intuitive river is blocked?

Our global message today is to gather up our internal children, our shadows and our light, acknowledge, and pour love into them. By learning to love ourselves, we can better love our community.

Open up to the Spirit’s love and energy. By nourishing our spiritual landscape, and refilling our creative wells, we will, once again, have the resilience to tend the world around us, and to look upon our neighbors, and strangers, with recognition and empathy.

Looking more at the nitty-gritty:

Most of us are emerging from a holiday season with our internal resources depleted. Either we gave and gave and gave of ourselves to make family, friends, and neighbors happy over the last week, or we might have been bereft of company, and the loneliness has eroded our feelings of self-worth.

If you are finding yourself low on energy, and feeling frayed around the edges, or overwhelmed with sadness or apathy, the Empress reversed has a special message for you. She gives you permission to tend yourself. Look at yourself with the regard of a loving parent, or enamored lover, or cherished friend, and gift to yourself time and attention.

She is not saying, go out and spend money on yourself. She is encouraging you, instead, to do something for yourself that fills your creative and spiritual river. Take a walk. Meditate. Journal. Cook yourself a favorite meal. Go to a gathering of friends where you are not the host. Read a good book. Find a meeting or event that would inspire you. Do something today for yourself, with mindfulness, and without distraction.

December 29, 2019

Message to the World
December 29, 2019


Inside The Lovers card, there is a garden where we stand, naked, completely exposed, and authentic. We accept our loved ones in their nakedness, and they welcome us in our vulnerability. The Archangel, Raphael, blesses us, and we look to him for guidance, always affirming that our actions are working towards our highest good.

The Lovers Card can symbolize the love of a person, but it can also express making choices from the position of this garden – holding this garden in our mind’s eye as we deliberate. Our hearts brim with authenticity and love as we choose within the boundaries set by the Angels for our highest calling. The Lovers card can also symbolize the need to unify two polar energies to create a whole, to wield love as a binder or a catalyst for transformation.

In the reversed position, we are all out of sorts. The world seems helter-skelter, no longer grounded in the loving garden. We might feel impatient with our loved ones and dissolution with ourselves. Our thoughts are muddled, the blessed road map obscured.

Our message today is to take a moment, close our eyes, breath deeply, exhale any anxiety, tension, or depression, and visualize ourselves standing firmly, once again, under the blessing of Raphael. We must stop the feeling of free-fall, and right ourselves.

In the reversed position, this card cautions us not to take shortcuts in our decisions today, but instead to honor our spiritual path.

It urges us to gaze with love and acceptance upon pieces of ourselves that we dislike and to discover the parts of ourselves that we admire, to accept in unity all of ourselves as we move into the new year.

It asks us, also, to look upon our companions with a vision that is clear of our self-doubts and irritants, and cherish them as they are. With an unfiltered gaze, we can decide if their influence in our lives benefits our higher calling. We can love the people in our lives, and choose to remove ourselves from their hemispheres if their company is toxic to our wellbeing.

Today, pick yourself up, recenter, clarify your spiritual goals, examine yourself and your surroundings with tenderness, and stay on the path to your Greater Good.