Philosophy/Code of Ethics

In my readings, I combine Tarot and Lenormand cards. I collaborate with you to develop questions for the cards that will give you the guidance that you seek.

When I do a reading, I hold your question in my heart and open to your Divine Guides, then I draw the cards.

I have found that Spirit views all questions with equal attention. No concern of yours is too trivial in the Divine’s eyes.

I promise to treat all clients with an open heart and without judgment, regardless of race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, political views, or what circumstances you find yourself in at this moment.

I will clearly state what the cards drawn are telling me, and will give detailed reasons why I read them as I did. I may give you a variety of interpretations so that you can tune in to what resonates best with your situation. My role is to translate for you all possible messages from your guides. If any piece of the reading is not clear, I will happily elaborate.

My readings skills are attuned to looking at the energy surrounding a situation and the possible trajectories resulting from said energies. This gives you information to empower your decisions. I will not tell you what you should do. My role as an intuitive, empathetic reader is to provide you with clarity and the power to make your own informed decisions.

Likewise, I do not use the cards to predict the future. Every potential thread weaving our future is influenced by decisions that we make moment to moment. Tarot can show where you are now, at this moment, and the influences surrounding you. They also show facets of your past that may be affecting a situation. In my hands, the Tarot cards do not tell a predictive or firm future. They show only potentials based on your energy and trajectory at the time of the reading.

I can only read the energies surrounding you, the querent.

I am not qualified to give legal, financial, psychological, or medical advice. A Tarot reading cannot replace the help of an expert in their field. However, I am happy to look at the energies surrounding any situation as spiritual guidance.

I do not read for individuals under 18 without a parent or guardian present at the reading, or a signed permission form.

I live in an intimate community, on a small island, in a small world.
All aspects of Tarot Readings with me are confidential. I will keep confidential the names of my clients and all information shared or discussed during a reading unless requested by the client or a court of law.

I will continue to study and further my fluency in this beautiful visual language.