“Heather’s reading was amazing, it was detailed, and it gave me the perspectives of the situation as I was expecting. It was really helpful and so caring. I couldn’t have asked for more. It gave the much of information needed to proceed with my plans for the year, and it made me much more calm to deal with its possible consequences. It was an extraordinary reading. Heather’s intuition about the cards are sharp, she absolutely found out details about the situation that were so right I was even surprise. She basically described my life without knowing it! She clearly has a strong gift, and was very kind all of the time. I appreciate the effort she put on, even making a video to me. She’s amazing.”

“Thank you for your time and effort and for doing this reading for me! It was helpful, insightful, and well explained!”

This is perfect, and interesting enough. I really loved your insightful reading. … most of your insights perfectly align with my current situation. Details you provided were mentally encouraging, equal to therapy.
Overall, i loved your reading, as it was something I’ve never come across. Please keep this good work up. You have a lot to offer to this universe. I believe that you will continue to lighten people with your positivity and encouragement. May love and peace be with you all the time. “

United Kingdom


” I appreciate the amount of time and energy Heather put into my reading. I appreciate the open communication we both had from the beginning. My reading was spot on!”


Dear Heather, I’m writing this feedback profoundly moved by the reading you just gave me. It’s been a while since I got a tarot reading this meaningful. So thank you so much for diving into my story and my energies and for reaching out to my Spirit Guides. You did all that in a very responsible and loving way, and I could tell that was the case from the moment you replied to my reading request and provided question suggestions….Your reading gave me hope and reassurance of the path I’ve chosen and the new career path I’m beginning to draw for myself – much more aligned with my purpose and spirit. And your reading gave me important aspects that I should work on myself some more. Thank you once again for the meaningful, profound, and most helpful reading.


“Heather was SO loving and respectful and really hit the nail on the head!!!”