February 10, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking the Spirit, what message do you have for the world to help us manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
February 10th, 2020
THE RING – Lenormand

With THE RING, Spirit reminds us of its promise to be with us eternally, ever-present, ready to renew us.

Those moments, days, weeks, where we feel spiritually empty inside, wholly depleted, like our well has run dry, and hopelessness starts to multiply the darkness inside us. In those moments, we forget that promise. Like the impoverished figures in the five of pentacles, we have our backs to it.

The message today is that we don’t need to do everything on our own. We don’t need to deplete our finite human energy to tackle daily physical and emotional challenges. Spirit is always present and ready to renew us if we only open ourselves up.

Inhale. Exhale. Welcome, Spirit.

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