December 25th, 2019

Message to the World

December 25th, 2019

The figure in the Ten of Wands marches steadily towards the Village. He carries all of the tasks and responsibilities that he has accrued during his suit’s journey, gripped in his arms. They weigh him down, and he can’t see the world around him for their bulk, but his goal is ahead, and he perseveres.

In the reversed position, on this Christmas day, I see the figure carrying a Christmas Tree. He balances it alone, bringing it back to his hearth.

This card reminds us that in this Holiday season, we tend to gather around us, either in our hearts, memories, or in our homes, the people that we hold dear, the people that we are responsible for, our family and friends. We gather them to us, as this figure gathers his rods, and we attempt to create for them a memorable, beautiful experience.

This figure gathers in his arms, not just his guests, but all of the expectations of the holidays. The traditions, the foods, the activities, the decorations, and he carries them alone.

The first message of this card is an encouragement to let go of the need to set the perfect stage this day. Delegate what you can, encourage the people around you to become team members and help you, and let go of those traditions and expectations that no longer resonate with your greater good. If we allow ourselves to become depleted by the tasks that we shoulder, our fatigue will muffle our joy.

The solitude of this figure also reminds us of all of those who are alone during this time. The burden that the solitary figure shoulders might be the memory of a Christmas tree, and loved ones no longer with them. This day can contain the deepest of despair when faced alone.

The second message is to reach out to our neighbors, family, and acquaintances, who might be alone today and offer them the sustenance of your regard and kind words.