December 28, 2019

Message to the World
December 28, 2019


Pentacles are the suit of earth, the manifestation of concept into the tangible. Aces are the first card of the suit: the seed, the potential.

We are standing in this weekend pocket between the holidays and the New Decade. Our feet sink into a soft, luxurious lawn. White lilies, symbolizing creative thoughts and inspiration, surround us. The path from this pocket garden, leads through an archway of roses, representing manifestation, and we can see the potential for great heights in the future.

Have you had a nebulous idea, a concept that has been in and out of your thoughts this last week, month, year, or decade? Some direction you’d like to take, a new career path you’d like to try, an idea that you want to build or pursue? Today, the moment is ripe to give your inspiration a solid form in your mind and heart. Take the time today to manifest this seed and to visualize how it will grow and positively change your life, and the world, in the next year and decade. When you walk out of this nurturing garden pocket into the new year, you will carry this beautiful seedling with you.