December 29, 2019

Message to the World
December 29, 2019


Inside The Lovers card, there is a garden where we stand, naked, completely exposed, and authentic. We accept our loved ones in their nakedness, and they welcome us in our vulnerability. The Archangel, Raphael, blesses us, and we look to him for guidance, always affirming that our actions are working towards our highest good.

The Lovers Card can symbolize the love of a person, but it can also express making choices from the position of this garden – holding this garden in our mind’s eye as we deliberate. Our hearts brim with authenticity and love as we choose within the boundaries set by the Angels for our highest calling. The Lovers card can also symbolize the need to unify two polar energies to create a whole, to wield love as a binder or a catalyst for transformation.

In the reversed position, we are all out of sorts. The world seems helter-skelter, no longer grounded in the loving garden. We might feel impatient with our loved ones and dissolution with ourselves. Our thoughts are muddled, the blessed road map obscured.

Our message today is to take a moment, close our eyes, breath deeply, exhale any anxiety, tension, or depression, and visualize ourselves standing firmly, once again, under the blessing of Raphael. We must stop the feeling of free-fall, and right ourselves.

In the reversed position, this card cautions us not to take shortcuts in our decisions today, but instead to honor our spiritual path.

It urges us to gaze with love and acceptance upon pieces of ourselves that we dislike and to discover the parts of ourselves that we admire, to accept in unity all of ourselves as we move into the new year.

It asks us, also, to look upon our companions with a vision that is clear of our self-doubts and irritants, and cherish them as they are. With an unfiltered gaze, we can decide if their influence in our lives benefits our higher calling. We can love the people in our lives, and choose to remove ourselves from their hemispheres if their company is toxic to our wellbeing.

Today, pick yourself up, recenter, clarify your spiritual goals, examine yourself and your surroundings with tenderness, and stay on the path to your Greater Good.