January 7, 2020

Wheel of Fortune

I’ve been asking Spirit what message it has for the world today, for us to manifest our highest good.

Message to the World
January 7th, 2020

I was on social media last night and was overwhelmed by the amount of fear, uncertainty, and anger flooding the news feeds. It disturbed my heart.

Today’s card is a reminder to all of us that life proceeds in cycles and that fortunes change. Things are going to look up. We must have faith.

The Wheel of Fortune might also be advising us to focus on life’s natural cycles, the deep cycles, the constant wheel of time that turns no matter what situational events are hitting our news feeds. These foundational cycles are what we all have in common: the tides, the moon cycles, the seasons, birth and death, and the growth in between, our quest for love and procreation, our devotion to our offspring, our search for Spirit and happiness. This profound, slow-moving journey that we all share on our individual souls’ paths.

The one constant is that life cycles, and what appears dire today will reveal pockets of joy tomorrow. We are together in our journey, even if our paths don’t look the same.