January 8, 2020

Nine of Cups

I’ve been asking Spirit what message it has for the world today, for us to manifest our highest good.

Message to the World
January 8th, 2020

Look at how happy this man is, who sits in front of his most valued possessions – his cups.

He is not a wealthy man, per se. He is sitting on a plain wooden bench, dressed in his best clothes, which are devoid of embellishments.
However, He is displaying his cups on an elevated pedestal covered with a luxurious blue fabric.

Cups are the suit of water representing emotions, creativity, empathy, and intuition. What this man prizes above all are his emotional connections, and he is full of joy.

The message for us today is to shift our perceptions of what is valuable, what will sustain us, from material things to emotional connections. It is the threads of all the people in our life’s tapestry that make it strong and beautiful.

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