My Sacred Space, March 29, 2020

I wanted to share my sacred space as part of the #tarotmakeover that Biddy Tarot is hosting, and also in response to the #tarotspreadingpositivity 30-day tarot challenge by @juliustarot and @dheven_of_pentacles.

My sacred space is setup-then-put-away. I use my kitchen table. My house is pretty small and is a combination of living space and art studios. At this time, there isn’t even a corner, a shelf, or windowsill free for a dedicated tarot reading spot or alter. However, my kitchen is already a sacred space for me. I love to cook for my loved ones, and it is a place that centers and grounds me, where I associate giving and nurturing, and conversations shared around a table. That makes it the perfect canvas, for me, to put my alter on. I use pottery that I made to hold my candles, sand from my property to put the incense sticks in, and arrange crystals according to my mood. I light those candles and incense, breathe, pray, and am ready.