Easter Morning, 2020

Spring comes late where I live
as the Ocean is slow to release
the memories of winter
and her chill breath exhales over the night.
We woke to frost on the earth

But still, the morning sun highlights
those small green promises
pushing through hard soil with resilience.
Here we are! We came back!

My gaze searches for them anxiously,
tenderly, and my heart thaws with joy.


My Sacred Space, March 29, 2020

I wanted to share my sacred space as part of the #tarotmakeover that Biddy Tarot is hosting, and also in response to the #tarotspreadingpositivity 30-day tarot challenge by @juliustarot and @dheven_of_pentacles.

My sacred space is setup-then-put-away. I use my kitchen table. My house is pretty small and is a combination of living space and art studios. At this time, there isn’t even a corner, a shelf, or windowsill free for a dedicated tarot reading spot or alter. However, my kitchen is already a sacred space for me. I love to cook for my loved ones, and it is a place that centers and grounds me, where I associate giving and nurturing, and conversations shared around a table. That makes it the perfect canvas, for me, to put my alter on. I use pottery that I made to hold my candles, sand from my property to put the incense sticks in, and arrange crystals according to my mood. I light those candles and incense, breathe, pray, and am ready.