May 13, 2020

I asked Spirit what message do you have for the world today to guide us towards our highest good?

Message to the World
May 13th, 2020 (13 Death, 04 The Emperor)

The Lenormand cards are indicating that we may be experiencing confusion about which direction to take, what choices to make to get positive outcomes – to get to the other side. It feels like a bit of a gamble.

The Page of Swords reversed shows us at a standstill, trying to figure out what is truth and our next course of action. The reversed position might also encourage us to look inside and tap our intuition to help us figure out what we believe before we strategize our next steps.

April 30, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to guide us towards our highest good?

Message to the World
April 30th, 2020 (11 Justice, 02 The High Priestess)
THE MICE + THE CLOVER + THE STARS (butterflies, anticipation, performance anxiety, very good luck) – Lenormand

We may be feeling some stage fright and nervous anticipation about reaching out and owning our authentic truth. Wielding that sword, speaking from our hearts, can be both liberating and terrifying. Spirit is telling us through these cards that communicating from an authentic place will bring positive changes to our lives. Speak out.

April 1st, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today, what guidance, to help us manifest our highest good?

Today, I called out to ALL of our spirit guides, ancestors, and guardian angels, and the messages coming in were so individual that I ended up pulling three sets of cards. Maybe one of them will resonate with you.

First Draw:
Message to the World
April 1st, 2020
The Clover + The Home + The Lady – Lenormand clarifiers

In this draw, I am interpreting THE LADY as representing something domestic. (It can also be our feminine side, ourselves if we identify as female or a significant woman in our lives). The Clover stands for good fortune, luck, and The House for our household and homes.

This first message shouts out to all of us who are starting to feel like being shut in is a stroke of good fortune. Our forced inaction is allowing us to rekindle domestic interests, or igniting new ideas for home-based projects. Spirit today encourages us in these pursuits, whatever they might be. It could be doing things together with our families, exploring new domestic talents like cooking, sewing, redecorating, or maybe launching podcasts and live streaming videos from our homes on topics that interest us. Good for us!

Second Draw:
Message to the World
April 1st, 2020
The Whip + The Ring + The Heart – Lenormand clarifiers

In this draw, I am interpreting The Whip Lenormand as representing “beating ourselves up about something,” The Ring as promises, and the Heart is our loved ones or something that we love to do.

The second message is to STOP beating ourselves up if today’s events are keeping us from fulfilling promises that we’ve made to loved ones, or to ourselves about interests that are dear to us.

We know best how to push our own buttons, and when we don’t fulfill promises that might be sacred to us or measure up to personal ideals, we come down harder on ourselves than others might. Especially when we are isolated, or scared, or feel powerless, it’s easy to self-sabotage.

Maybe we are unable to visit elderly family members who are in assisted living facilities despite vowing long ago that we would always be there for them. Perhaps we can’t take our children on the vacation that we promised them, or, even, had to cancel our wedding.

All fitness classes and facilities are closed, and maybe we just don’t have the space to continue at home, despite our best intentions.

Whatever it might be, this message is to forgive ourselves for these circumstances that are beyond our control. Stop wasting energy self-flagellating for things we can’t do anything about, and turn our focus on what we can do, instead.

Third Draw:
Message to the World
April 1st, 2020
The Bear + The House + The Dog – Lenormand

In the Nine of Cups, I always see all of those chalices up on the pedestal behind the figure as representing the man’s loved ones and emotional connections. He sits proudly in front of the display, saying, “These are my riches.” You will notice, too, that he is keeping an acceptable social distance from them. His arms are crossed in front of him. He is not touching, hugging, or breathing on them.

The Bear can represent protection. The House Lenormand, our household, our close friends and family. The Dog Lenormand, trustworthiness, loyalty.

This third message is to keep up the excellent work! Our shelter-in-place is helping to protect the people that we hold dear.

March 16, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to help us manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
March 16th, 2020

The Four of Wands is a card celebrating homecomings. The joy of being with our village and family in celebration.

The Cross Lenormand can symbolize burdens and heartaches. The Ship Lenormand represents something that is coming from overseas, a person, commerce, a virus. The Clover Lenormand card is seen as a card of transient luck and good fortune – not hit the 100 million dollar lottery ticket luck, but rather the $10 scratch ticket luck that allows you to buy lunch. The luck that causes the sky to clear for the length of the little league game. The luck that gives you time at home with your family.

This week we are being called back to our homes and home towns from places far away, schools, study abroad, travel, work. The message today is to look for the good fortunes resulting from this forced homecoming as opposed to the burdens. There is always a blessing. If we focus on gratitude instead of the inconveniences, the joy of the Four of Wands will manifest for us.

If we live alone and far from our home village, there are ways of reaching out to family and friends afar, to bring them into our dwellings: Facetime, Facebook, WhatsApp, to name a few.

There is a musician couple on the island where I live who have started streaming live videos from their living room to the community. They call it #SocialDistanceSing, and they take requests and sing for you. They are @workmansong and @si.may0. This talented duo will be streaming live on Youtube for St. Patricks Eve at 7:30 EST, so check out their feeds for details.

Look for the luck, and it will appear.

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January 26, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking the Spirit, what message do you have for the world to help us to manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
January 26th, 2020
THE CLOVER – Lenormand

The Page of Wands sets out to explore an idea that they have. This idea was born from their fire, from an instinctual place.

The Clover represents a stroke of luck, success, happiness. It urges us to take a leap of faith.

Today is a good day to act on a dream, an idea, a concept that genuinely excites you. Have faith. Take the first step. It’s a fortuitous day for a new adventure.