December 31, 2019

Knight of Cups

Message to the World
December 31st, 2019

As I ask Spirit what message it has for the world today for us to manifest our highest good, I pulled the Knight of Cups – the third time in seven days that Spirit guided me to choose this card.

Cups are the suit of water. They represent emotions, empathy, creativity, and spirituality. A Knight’s role is to promote and protect his liege’s kingdom, sometimes, to help expand it.

In the Knight of Cups, the river flows smoothly, and the air and land are without moisture. The cup that this Knight carries is full of calm, peaceful emotions, of love and compassion. The card contains no turbulence. He rides with intention into a landscape that is all earth with little moisture. The few trees that do grow stand apart from each other.

Earth represents the physical world. As the decade ends, we find ourselves in a social landscape where people value the material above the emotional. Individualism and independence are prized, and we stand apart from each other. Our world is parched for water, for Spirit, for compassion, for selflessness.

Today’s message is to manifest the Knight of Cups, and if we bring nothing else into the new year, we should bring our love, our hope, our spirituality, and our connectivity with each other. We are called to promote these values into the next decade.

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