January 4, 2020

Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Message to the World
January 4th, 2020


Pentacles are the suit of earth. In the reversed position, I see the single pentacle on the card representing our planet. The right hand of the spirit does not offer it out to us. Instead, the hand cups the globe in a protective, tender manner. The flourishing, green garden, path, and hedge reside at the top of the card, in our minds, not in reality.

Today, as wildfires rage in Australia, as extreme weather incidents increase, as cities around the world flood, it is no wonder that the message is to take better care of our earth, or the fruitful gardens will become no more than memories.

The nitty-gritty: what difference can an individual make to heal our planet?
Here is a list from nrdc.org:
It has tips that are as simple as using more efficient lightbulbs, eating the food that you buy (don’t throw it away), and wasting less water. We do have the ability to make a difference.

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