March 7, 2020

I pulled cards twice today asking for a message from Spirit to help the world manifest its greatest good. I redid it because the card meanings and insights are slipping right past me today.

When I saw the World Reversed and The Man, my first thought was that mankind should stop global travel for a time. With all the news about the spread of the coronavirus, it’s not surprising my thoughts would leap to that meaning. But The Man Lenormand card usually represents a specific person, a man in your life, or yourself, if you identify as male. And The World Reversed is more about the inability to complete something karmic.

So, I then tried again and drew the Five of Pentacles and The Fox. What strikes me in the five of pentacles is how the two impoverished figures walk beside each other, but ignore each other. This pair of cards might mean: don’t let deceptive words turn you away from your neighbor in hard times.