May 23, 2020

I asked Spirit what message do you have for the world today to guide us towards our highest good?

Message to the World
May 23nd, 2020 (14 Temperance, 05 The Hierophant)

He/she always looked at them with envy. They seemed so happy, healthy, affluent, the picture-perfect family: the working father, the beautiful mother, the talented children, the dog. The dad worked long hours and golfed. The mom was practiced in yoga and had a mean serve on the tennis court. They had a legacy built on coins and corporate investments. That was something to aspire to! Wasn’t it? Everyone said so.

So He/She studied hard, followed an educational path that would put them into a high paying job, joined a country club, learned to make witty small talk, and married the perfect partner for entertaining and social events.

And he/she woke up one day realizing that they were not happy. They were sick with stress. They suffered from chronic stomach ailments. What should I do? He/She asked the Universe. From the inside, this life is not what I thought it would be.

Illustrate your own Ten of Pentacles, the Universe replied. Redefine what you want your legacy to be. It doesn’t have to be built with coins. Kind words and actions have a ripple effect that can last longer than a trust fund and might impact more people. Our family structure does not have to look like anyone else’s. As long as it is built with love, it is family. True happiness, success, joy can be found when we follow our soul’s purpose, whatever that purpose might be.


April 23, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to guide us towards our highest good?

Message to the World
April 23rd, 2020 (13 Death, 4 The Emperor)
THE CLOUDS (confusion, obscuring) + THE SUN + THE WHIP (arguments, abuse) – Lenormand

I was watching video tutorials by Sajah Popham of @evolutionary_herbalism yesterday about Rosemary. When he was discussing the psychological properties of the herb, he said (I am going to paraphrase) that Rosemary helps reconnect us to our life’s purpose. It not only stimulates our short-term memories, but also helps us remember moments, traumas, and experiences from our childhood (or even our ancestors and past lives) that we may have obscured at the time to protect our souls. It helps us remember in such a way that, rather than reliving the traumas, we transmute them from injury to transformation, turning the experience into our strength and power. We can accept what has happened in our lives and reorient our perception to get clarity on how that was an integral part of our soul’s development.

I feel like the cards that I drew today speak directly to this. THE MOON REVERSED asks us to shine a light on our subconscious to begin to transform past experiences into our building blocks instead of our stumbling blocks. The Sun card is about illumination, but the sun can also represent our higher calling, our soul’s purpose. For my part, I think I’ll start writing down my dreams to see what might emerge in the night to be evaluated under the light of day.

April 12, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to guide us towards our highest good?

Message to the World
April 12th, 2020 (11 Justice, 2 The High Priestess)

What beautiful Lenormand cards today.
Love and Happiness, Creative Passion, Emotional Positivity

Today’s numerological cards are Justice and The High Priestess. These, paired with the Two of Pentacles, resonate as balance.

With the Two of Pentacles reversed, things are probably feeling out of balance today. Many of us are out of work, or have reduced hours, or, if we are working, we might be in risky, high-adrenaline situations. Financial worries prevail, as does anxiety for the well being of our community. We may be lucky enough to be sheltering in place with loved ones, but there are many, still, that we can’t gather with.

Today, my emotions are rolling through me in surges, much like the waves that threaten to swamp those boats. One moment, I’m happy because I was able to Zoom with my family; the next, I’m filled with grief because I want to hold them, and smell them, and feel their warmth. One moment, I’m content, because the sun is shining, the plants are growing, the day has a quality of stillness brought on by the Easter holiday. The next, that stillness fills with anxiety, that I want to push away with projects and busywork.

In the two of pentacles reversed, the figure has their back to those beautiful Lenormand cards.

I think Spirit’s message is to tap into the Divine today. We can find succor from our turmoil by allowing that golden and white light to fill us up, and renew us. Just as we might ache to be able to hold and nurture our loved ones, Spirit would like to embrace us, to bathe us in love, in light, to see us engaged in our creative passions. To restore an inner positivity as a balance to our heartaches. Let us turn towards Spirit today, in prayer, or meditation, or through the flame of a candle. Let’s turn our troubles over to the Divine so that we can focus, however briefly, on our joy.

March 30, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today, what guidance, to help us manifest our highest good?

Messages to the World
March 30th, 2020

I randomly drew the first set of cards without shuffling first and then thought I’d better try again, and shuffle them before pulling from the decks. So I have two messages for us today.

1st Draw:

The Knight of Swords is urging us (from the safety of our self-isolation) to rush the word out. Shout out our truth to the world. What truth? The Lenormand cards are specific. Spread the information that the Sun (coming to light, revealing) has exposed about The Serpent (the poison, the lies).

As the aggressive spread and fatality rates of COVID19 increase, it is so crucial to get the facts out to our communities so that they are armed with accurate information when faced with decisions (The Crossroads) about leaving their homes and/or traveling (The Ship).


2nd Draw:

In the second message, I see that we are anxious (The Mice) about the finances (The Fish) of our loved ones (The Heart), or about money in general. The Ace of Wands is encouraging us to come up with new solutions, pursue new ideas on how to generate streams of income that are rooted in activities that we love, in our passions.

This message could also be encouraging us to brainstorm new and innovative ways to supplement the incomes of those that we hold dear.

March 26, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to help us manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
March 26th, 2020

The King of Cups suggests a need to moderate our emotions. Try not to let our feelings and anxieties drown us. Let our feelings supplement our actions, not decide them.

The Lenormand clarification cards are reassuring us that although today this change that we are all going through is clouded, unknown, in the end, the sun will breakthrough. The Stork is moving from clouds to sun, from confusion to clarity. The Sun Lenormand card is generally positive and represents a successful conclusion.

Our message today is to not let our emotions capsize us. Today is full of uncertainty; however, soon, we will see our path clearly. We are going through a transition, but all the while, moving from uncertainly towards clarity. These cards are telling us to hang in there and don’t fall apart. We will get through the obstacles that we face.

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March 15, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking Spirit, what message do you have for the world today to help us manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
March 15th, 2020

As we stand on our battlements, awaiting the arrival of a pandemic, make sure to verify any information that you read about the virus and how it spreads. There are a lot of rumors and false hypotheses running rampant that inflate the panic.

Shine the light of truth (The Sun Lenormand) on any written missives (The Letter Lenormand) that proclaim how the virus spreads (The Ship). Keeping calm will help boost our immune systems and maintain equilibrium.

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February 1st, 2020

I am doing a daily Tarot draw asking the Spirit, what message do you have for the world to help us manifest our highest good?

Message to the World
February 1st, 2020
THE SUN – Lenormand

illuminating the love in our lives

When we live a life in love, in harmony, one balanced between Spirit and our physical needs, we shine.

Honor your loved ones today. Be assured that when you make choices that are true to your higher calling, and grounded in love, Spirit will warm you and illuminate your way.